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IPv4 & IPv6 Monitoring

Global Ping and Website Monitoring

First2Know saves you time when you need it the most - when your servers are down

By checking from several locations, local or global routing issues are never mistaken for faults with your equipment, and no such false alerts will wake you at night or spoil your uptime reports.

No alerts are sent if less than 3 locations report a problem, so you can trust that when you get an alert, you really have a problem. It also means that you do not have to recheck and wait before you alert, just in case it's not a real problem, as you will with other monitoring providers.

poll frequency
Poll frequency from 5 seconds
great prices
Plans from $16 per month
worlwide monitoring
Monitor from 8 countries
quick alerts
Immediate alerts
No false alerts

First2Know can tell you immediately when there is a problem. With check frequencies available down to every five seconds, is really essential if you rely on your website for business.

You do not have to be a programmer or systems administrator. You can get started by simply cutting and pasting the link to your website when you create your account.

Risk Free Trial

Create an account in minutes and try the service out!

We add $16 to your new account so you do not have to topup to trial the service.

We think you'll love it, but if you don't you can simply ignore it until the balance runs out, or delete it.

Customer Testimonials
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"We use First2Know for their excellent IPv6 support"
Peter Stevens, Director, Mythic Beasts Limited
Hosting and Internet Service Provider
UK Flag London & London, United Kingdom
"The reports helps us know what happens, and we're never taken by surprise anymore"
Fredrik Vedin, Managing Director, Intergate AB
Manufacturer of building and road safety equipment
Swedish Flag Strömstad & Stockholm, Sweden
Nate Elkan, CEO, Vanvps
Hosting and Internet Service Provider
Canadian Flag Vancouver, Canada
"We rely on First2Know to find out about outages.
It has improved our response time a lot."

Mihai Aldea, CEO,
Hosting and Internet Service Provider
Romanian Flag Bucharest, Romania

Downtime is Money

If you trade online, you know how devastating it can be for your business if your site goes down. Even a 5 minute problem can cause customers to go elsewhere and can dent your reputation.

Detecting the problem and verifying it from multiple locations within seconds, and alerting a mobile phone, can even mean that the problem is resolved before anyone notices.

Much of the time it takes to resolve a problem is the time it takes to find out about it. If you want to improve the availability of your website, monitoring is a very good place to start to get the most for your money.

Full IPv6 Support

IPv6 is coming. The Internet is running out of IPv4 addresses, and chances are you are already using IPv6 without knowing it. Most of our competition can not monitor IPv6 at all, and noone does it as well as we do.

If you monitor your website, DNS servers or routers on IPv4 only, they might be down for days on IPv6 before you know about it. Use a provider that fully supports IPv6 - it's absolutely necessary today, and will only become more and more important.

If you are an Internet Service Provider, you will know how hard it can be to keep track of global routing problems, and with First2Know you can truly be aware of your peering.